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The Mesotherapist’s Guide to Derma Rollers

Want to try a new way to make your skin look new and young again? With more methods and tools rising onto the surface of the skin cosmetics horizon than ever, there’s an abundance of options available, besides dermal fillers, for flawless, younger, tighter looking skin.

If your skin is showing signs of acne, wrinkles or scars, derma rolling, also referred to as micro needling could be the solution to perfected looking skin. If you’ve heard or seen the words ‘derma rollers’ a few times, then you’ll be interested to learn more about their benefits and usage.

How Derma Rollers Work

Derma Rollers are a special type of roller used on the exterior of the skin. Comprising of hundreds of micro-needles, applied on the surface layer of the skin, they create micro-tiny punctures in the skin, stimulating the skin production of collagen and elastin. Surprisingly, skin elasticity and pore visibility are also improved.

A form of non-invasive Mesotherapy, derma rollers are most commonly applied alongside a skin-boosting solution and can be safely used in the comfort of your own home. The solution usually contains a nourishing mix of active ingredients, such as an amino acid complex or multiple vitamins to replenish the skin layers. Absorbed deep into the surface layer of the skin through the micro holes produced by the roller.

Rollers at Skincare Plaza

Results are progressive over a length of period, such as five weeks, where the derma roller is used to apply the solution once a week for five weeks, such as Surface Paris Meso with Roller.

meso surface

Depending on the severity of the skin condition or how quickly you want to achieve results, you may want to use the roller as frequently as it is safe and suggested. Alternatively, you can use derma rollers less frequently if you prefer, say every 6 weeks.

Another roller featured on our online store, from the Filorga brand, comes with the patent NCTF spray solution to re-energise skin tissue, whilst stimulating micro-circulation deep within the skin. Filorga Mesotherapist can be used every 2 days for a period of 3 weeks.

If it’s dark spots and pigmentation you want to correct, then consider another product from our Surface Paris range, Surface Whitebox. It comes with a brightening face cream, anti-dark spot serum and roller. The results leave your skin looking radiantly luminous.

surface whitebox

Do Derma Rollers Hurt?

Depending on your pain threshold, and the size of the micro-needles, if they’re as small as 1mm, you may experience no pain with derma rolling, at least not as much as you originally anticipate. An important piece of information to note though before you choose your needle size; the deeper your scars, the longer the needles will need to be. We recommend using a numbing cream for longer needled derma rollers.

Apply less pressure on your first treatment, allowing your skin to adjust to the new experience. You can always apply more pressure on your next treatment. For delicate areas of the skin, a 0.5mm roller is sufficient. The cheeks and forehead can tolerate a 1.5mm micro needling roller. It is normal for bleeding points to be present at the end of the treatment session. So applying the roller slowly but firmly will be beneficial to reduce skin imperfections (acne, pigmentation spots) in the long term.

Results should occur immediately within a day. Skin should look plumper and pores should hardly be visible. Any lines or wrinkles should disappear or appear fainter. Skin will produce a natural glow that looks flawless, without any need for makeup.

Look out for even more derma rollers which are due to be appearing in our online store in the next few weeks.

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